A Few Ukraine Needs


Mark and I would like to thank everyone for their support with the Missions Dinner. Words cannot express the love we felt from all who came to show their support. The Talent Show was not only tons of fun, but filled with first class talent! Jan Piworski and his cooks did a fabulous job on the food! Thank you for starting the smokers at 4:00 AM! Our trip to Mukacheve, Ukraine from March 30th to June 29th will be much easier with all the love from everyone back home!
We would like to thank everyone who came together but we know there were so many behind the scenes I’m sure we will miss someone. Special thanks to the organizers: Denise McKnight, Gale Jacobi, William Jones, Rhonda Sullivan, Janet McKnight, Annette Lopez, Jan Piworski, Jeff Sylvester; and special thanks to Cody Merritt for running sound and to Michael Anderson for all his expertise and the extra time he put in making the event run smooth. Greg Cheney is a wonderful photographer and set up a Flicker page for everyone: https://flic.kr/s/aHsksAaSMD Thank you Greg!!
We want to thank all those who shared their wonderful talents to make the evening such a fun event! Thank you to: Janet Chaney for bringing in her beautiful pictures to show us her very talented needlepoint, beautiful art! The picture of the Shepherd Jesus on the right wall was donated to New Life for all to enjoy! To William Jones, the best MC & Lip Sync in town! To Annette Lopez who sang a beautiful solo! To Michael Harris for his wonderful worship! To Caleb Kerfoot and Jonah Hess for their spectacular tae kwon do skills! To Molly Hess for the cutest horse impersonation! To Sandy Braschler for her amazing backwards-upside-down piano playing! To Cheyanne Miller for a beautiful a-cappella vocal song! To Cody Hargett and Gage Bailey for a fabulous piano and drums duet! To Randy Harrison, what a treat to hear his award winning blues music! To Shiloh McFarland for an outstanding tap dance routine! To Jo Apple for her beautiful classical piano talent! To Delaney Jones for her rip roaring hilarious jokes, she brought down the house! To Mike Haemmerle for his wonderful song and voice, what a privilege to have you! To Cassidy & Annalee Kimble & Shiloh McFarland for your trio and the beautifully written song! And finally, to The Prodigals for singing us out with beautiful spirit-filled worship!
We also want to thank Josh & Sarah Brown for taking time out of their busy quick trip in the States to drive up and speak at the dinner! We can talk, but our hearts move when we actually see pictures of where we will be working! Thank you for sharing Jesus with so many!
Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We will post pictures of our activities on this blog. The About page gives a little view of the activities we will be participating in during our stay. If you haven’t yet, grab a postcard on the missions table in the foyer at church as a reminder to pray for us. There are also a few postcards of the missionaries we support for you to take as well to remind us to pray for their work around the world.
With our sincere thanks and love,
Mark & Nora Apple


Our fundraiser is only a little over a week away! While the needs are great, we are hoping to raise enough funds to help out with the Coffee House and Youth Ministry. They have expressed a desire for a new keyboard, as the one they are currently using is in poor condition, and also for a Foosball Table for the youth activities. The table needs to be a commercial quality table to hold up to the usage, which will cost a little more. The children living in the orphanage will love receiving anything we can bring. We are excited to love on them!

The Talent Show is coming together! We can’t divulge any secrets, but we hear a band or two will play, and some of the youth girls will present their dance routine! The details are listed below if anyone would like to take part.

Other ways to support our mission:

  • Through purchasing our fresh roasted organic whole bean coffee, as our goal is to be self-funded, here: Greenfield Coffee Company
  • Through World Renewal International Missions here: Ukraine

Please add us to your daily prayer list! Also, in the sidebar, click “Follow this Blog” to add your e-mail address and receive updates while we are abroad!

We set up an email specifically for our trip: applesonamission@gmail.com. Please send us encouragement and news from home!


Mark & Nora

Missions Dinner Info


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Apple's on a Mission

We are Mark and Nora Apple. We are sinners saved by God's grace and mercy. It is said that those who have been forgiven much, love much. This is the love we want to share with others. We now have an exciting opportunity to share with others a little beyond our normal sphere of influence. On March 30, 2016 we boarded a plane to Mukacheve, Ukraine! We ask for your prayers for us in this endeavor, as well as wisdom in every area of our lives.

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