Collecting LEGO!


Lego! Whoever invented the never ending Lego is a genius! I just wish they would have invented something to prevent the throbbing pain after walking through the kid’s room in the middle of the night, barefoot! Every parent can relate…

But those little pieces of plastic have quite a few uses besides cluttering up the floor. Isaac Morehouse posted a great article here: How playing with legos is more valuable than learning algebra.  He presents a great analogy of learning outside the box. I’ve heard quite often of studies which show the elderly that regularly work crossword puzzles and the like are more likely to keep their minds sharp. Lego are puzzles!

When Sarah mentioned the orphans are not able to obtain Lego, my heart sank. Every child should have at least one handful of Lego in their lifetime! So now I am on a quest for Lego!

And yet, there is one more reason we would like to take Lego on our trip…they are light weight and we can fit a ton in a suitcase!  🙂

Please contact us if you have any to donate, we can pick them up! We are also able to take donations through World Renewal. Any little bit helps!

Mark & Nora



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Apple's on a Mission

We are Mark and Nora Apple. We are sinners saved by God's grace and mercy. It is said that those who have been forgiven much, love much. This is the love we want to share with others. We now have an exciting opportunity to share with others a little beyond our normal sphere of influence. On March 30, 2016 we boarded a plane to Mukacheve, Ukraine! We ask for your prayers for us in this endeavor, as well as wisdom in every area of our lives.

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